What is energy healing?

Spiritual healer


Back when ancient civilisations in Egypt, India and the Americas were rising to prominence, energy healing was a dominating practice. Aimed at keeping healthy and establishing a positive body, spirit and mind foundation, this method was at the forefront of interests for much of the population living during this time.  

Recently, energy healing has made its way under the spotlight again, as spiritual healers look to help those awaken to the huge opportunities residing in the field. With more and more people becoming aware of the many benefits to the practice, many are using it unlock their realities and assist with positive wellbeing. 

As a definition, however, energy healing is known as a form of treatment that manipulates the natural energy systems that the body carries. The aim is to enhance the spiritual, physical and mental wellbeing of those involved. When it’s in tune with the universe, the body’s energy system is able to overcome obstructions in the flow of energy itself, which can often result in illness. 

The actual system is made up of several elements: auras, chakras, nadis and meridians. These are then connected to each of our organs, as well as glands and other important areas of our body. When these aren’t performing at their maximum level, the body’s immunity drops.


The body’s role  

The infrastructure of the body is created on energy systems. While the body doesn’t actually form these, the systems create the body we come to know. As an intelligent environment that regulates our healing and health, this system reflects how we are able to function overall.  

When there is a good flow of energy, there are fewer obstructions in the body, resulting in less of a risk of illness or ailments. However, when there are blockages, they can be resolved by: 

  • Massaging, tapping, pinching or twisting certain energy points under the skin;
  • Tracing and swirling the hand over different pathways;
  • Utilising specific postures and exercises to encourage smoother flow;
  • Using the mind to move certain forms of energy;


How flows are disrupted
Over time, there are many ways our flows can be obstructed. From toxins through to bad foods and environmental impacts – these all contribute to our system’s ability to operate. Energy healing assists with resolving the challenges that come as a result of:  

  • Negative thinking and emotions
  • Negative experiences
  • Parasites
  • Viral infections
  • Emotional trauma
  • Misguided energies
  • Challenging thought patterns, and more.


Where spiritual healers come in  

As spiritual healers, the goal is to restore the balance of those who may have an obstruction within their flow. In order to be successful, it takes commitment towards your own healing. If you’re in total harmony with your own energy field, those you are helping can become just as attuned with your own sensation and abilities. Because of this, it’s crucial to practice on yourself, before you move onto others. 

A spiritual teacher should also be able to help those around them access extensive knowledge into how to best utilise chakras, meridians and aura functions. This, in turn, enables those interested in energy healing to form a solid knowledge pool on how the concept operates.  

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