Some form of Astrology has probably been practised in all cultures since civilisation began. Babylonian astrology was the first organized system of astrology, arising in the 2nd millennium BC. The main purpose for studying a natal chart is to see the areas of life that need to be worked on in order to accomplish soul growth. I believe that this was the original purpose of astrology all those eons ago...

I can't remember life without Astrology. I was always fascinated with astrological symbols, as if they were old friends; very familiar to me. At age 9 I had a birthday party, one of my gifts was a tent. I remember sitting in this secret cave with my group of friends around me (very Aquarian), sharing my knowledge abut astrology, asking birth dates & telling them what sun-signs they were. I bought my first Astrology book when I was about 16 years old, which I devoured. Again feeling I was being reminded of something that was a part of who I was. Somehow I knew that Astrology was more than just archetypes, but deeply entwined within our spiritual purpose. I was reborn after reading a book on Edgar Cayce in which he consistently emphasised that souls select the time to reincarnate in order to obtain planetary vibrations that would help them complete karmic debts & promote soul growth. Cayce discovered, that souls come back over & over again in order to earn their way back to God. Here at last was proof that God was a kind, loving, & compassionate Creator, willing to give us many, many opportunities to become at one & return to Source.

A natal chart indicates what you have programmed to repay karmically; your problem areas, & your blessings, which are a reflection of the good you have accomplished in other lives. 

I started to study Astrology professionally around 1992'. I soon awakened my own self-realisations & development, & wanted to share these keys to help others' discover themselves in cooperation with universal forces. As all of us are involved in the same struggle for soul development & growth. The planets in our solar system have certain vibrations which we react to unconsciously. We call these vibrations urges or inclinations. But, because they are urges only, we can bring then under control by the use of our free will. The natal chart is basically a map of potential. Like a picture on a packet of garden seeds, it shows what we might become. In essence Astrology is based on the fundamental concept that you were born for a reason, with a specific purpose. Each person is unique with strengths & weaknesses - knowing what they are & where your focus could be in this incarnation is powerful & exciting knowledge.

Astrology Consultations: 60min - $160, 90mins - $240, 2hrs - $320

  1. Your birth Chart - What's my purpose, who am I?
  2. Future Chart - What does the year ahead hold for me?
  3. Relationship Chart - Why is this person in my life or Is this a good business partnership?
  4. Birth Chart & Future Chart - Why am I here & what does the year ahead hold?


To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven...  

- Ecclesiastes, 3:1