Some ask what makes Tarot work..?

The first Tarot decks appeared in Europe in the 15thCentury. If you could travel back 600 years, to the Italian villas where tarot was first introduced, you could play cards at night - & you could hold the power of a gilded Sun & Silver Moon in the palm of your hand. These were the trail-blazers…

Imagine people walking through an untamed forest. These explorers tell of their positive experience to friends, who then want to see for themselves. Eventually the path through the forest gets worn down. These people were the ones who saw epiphanies in the hidden card game. Since that time, millions have followed that path. Through the power of their combined belief & faith in tarot, they created a direct form of communication with Heaven. That’s what tarot is!

When you shuffle a deck of tarot cards & lay them on the table, you’re actually putting an entire universe into motion. Every time you deal the cards, you’re creating a new reality-just as the planets & signs of astrology align to represent a new reality for every child born on Earth.

The proper use & understanding of this mystical art can lead to a recognition of the existence of hidden knowledge within the psyche, awakening deeper layers of soul experience. Tarot is a language of the divine. It is one of the countless ways in which Heaven lovingly speaks to us in order to guide us on the path to joy.

My Tarot Journey

I first encountered Tarot in the early 90’s when a friend read my cards. She ended up giving me my first deck. I guess, looking back she must have sensed how mesmerised I was by the images & symbolism on the cards. By the time you read this, I will have played with Tarot for more than 24 years. Because of tarot I learnt about spiritual & esoteric traditions, I did not even know existed. Yet my journey really began when I wandered into a small metaphysical shop, supposedly by chance; but I know Tarot doesn’t work that way… I quickly became familiar with the owner who soon introduced me to, & encouraged me to pursue, a higher understanding of the art of Tarot. Studying & reading different Tarot styles gave me the foundation into the mysteries & unveiled the inner light of Tarot. I finally understood how all of us collectively can seek answers through this beautiful, loving divinatory tool. It also awakened my dormant psychic gifts I had as a child. I realized that most people use Tarot to help others receive divine guidance – I believe that these individuals are Earth Angels in service to humankind.

Tarot/Oracle Sessions

30mins - $65 - Tarot Focus

60mins - $120 - Tarot & Oracle Messages

45mins - $150 - Tarot, Oracle Messages & Angelic Guidance

90mins - $190 - Tarot, Oracle Messages, Crystal Connections, & Angelic Guidance

120mins - $250 - Tarot, Oracle, Crystal Connections, Angelic Guidance & Astrological Insights

150mins - $325 - Tarot, Oracle Messages, Crystal Connections, Angelic Guidance, Astrology/Numerology, & Reiki Sacred Soul Healing Session


Tarot Questions

Sometimes clients struggle with what to ask the Tarot.. I want to guide you on the best question to ask for details, deeper understanding of situations, or knowledge as to how to take a 'next right step'. Questions that require Yes/No answers should be avoided, as they foster passivity instead of inspired action, awareness, or empowered understanding. You can ask the Tarot whatever you want Eg: work, wealth, relationships, personal & spiritual growth. health & well-being etc.

Here are some examples to inspire you:

  1. What is one thing I can do today to find my life purpose?
  2. Why do I feel so stuck in this situation?
  3. What do I need to know about (describe the situation) for my highest good?
  4. What will be the result if I take (describe this action)?
  5. What do I need to change in order to improve things?