Numerology is an ancient form of divining by using numbers. It's has been used throughout many cultures & times. Mathematicians throughout history have discovered that numbers are the key to unlocking the vibration within all things.

The beginnings of numerology can be traced back to around 10,000 years ago to Babylonia & Egypt. However, it is the Greek mathematician Pythagoras who developed may of the basic theorems that form the foundations of modern day mathematics & also those used with numerology. Pythagoras was a mathematician, philosopher & theorist. He was known as a numerical master & it is his strong influence that has been credited with the widespread use of numbers. He was arguably one of the greatest Greek philosophers who had the wisdom & understanding of metaphysics & its energetic force.

Numbers are a big part of our life, when you think about it they are everywhere we look. Our birthdate is broken down into numbers. Our name can be also translated into numbers. We live in homes that are numbered, our motor vehicles have registration plates that contain numbers in them. We have phone numbers, PIN numbers, identification numbers just to name a few instances. When you begin to look at your life you will realise that numbers rule your world. Did you know that all of these numbers have a very big influence on your life?

What Can Numerology Be Used For?

  • To determine an individual's personality
  • To discover your talents
  • To highlight your strengths & weaknesses 
  • To show you what obstacles are ahead of you
  • Numbers will tell you what cycle of life you are currently in. Hence, numbers can show you how to make the most of the cycles & opportunities.
  • Did you know that your destiny is connected to the energy of numbers?
  • Numbers will show you how to understand yourself & to tune into & understand your loved ones.
  • Your inner most needs & wants can be discovered by numbers.
  • By working out your numerological cycle you can best determine when to move, buy or sell a property.
  • The highs & lows of your career path can be discovered through numbers.
  • Relationships with friends, partners & work colleges can be understood through the numbers. You will be able to determine if someone is the right person to have in your life. Whether it be connected to a relationship, friendship or a new acquaintance the numbers will never be wrong.
  • What name is best for you to use in this life? Your name & how the world perceives you is governed by numbers. Numerology can help you to determine whether or not you should use your Christian name, middle name & surname. It can assist you with the choices whether or not you should abbreviate your name or go by a nickname, or to add the initial of your middle name to enhance your numerological power throughout you life.

Once you look at all of the possibilities that numerology can do to enhance your life you will soon wonder why you didn't delve deeper into understanding how it all worked sooner!

Numerology can reveal the diverse sides of your personality & how together each aspect combines as one to create the person you really are. With this complete understanding you are able to make the most of your strengths & talents.

It is important to remember that everything throughout the universe vibrates at its own frequency. By working out & understanding the vibrational frequency of any object, you can establish the nature & energies associated with it.

By using the principles of numerology in your name & date of birth as basic data you will be able to determine the predominate frequencies of yourself & those around you.


Numerology Personal Consultation

15mins - $25

30mins - $50

45mins - $75

60mins - $100


Business Numerology

  • Guidance regarding business affairs for making the right business decisions with awareness & clarity.
  • Want to select a harmonious name for your business, so its resonates with your industry & direction.
  • Want to evaluate the present name, & its effects
  • Good timing for business start up & launches


New Baby Name Analysis

Choosing the perfect baby name is one of the most important things you'll ever do for your child. A name that resonates with their birth date will create positive qualities, & harmony.

Please supply 3-5 names, I will come back with a name with the best vibrations.