About Edwina

As a lifelong student of Metaphysics & Mystical Arts, I'm want to be a contributor to the world through my own spiritual evolution. I have a love for the light & desire to make a positive change; healing through my voice, words & hands. I believe we are held, guided, loved & encouraged in every moment by our own divine support team.

I am passionate about helping people feel more connected to the universe.  Mine & your own personal development & spiritual growth will bring healing to this planet for all of us. I will hold space & energy for you while awakening your own inner healer; helping you to realise your own strength, abilities & purpose.

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Edwina is based in Sydney, Australia.  She also offers consultations worldwide by email, phone and skype. 

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How can I help you on your journey?


I feel honoured, blessed and eternally grateful to be able to pass on messages & guidance.


It's all about you!

My sessions are always positive, helpful & empowering.

  • Get clarity on any life issues
  • Get validation for any issues or decisions
  • Feel supported & loved
  • Get peace of mind
  • Get answers to any question
  • Feel more personally empowered
  • Understand better a challenging situation
  • Gain a better understating of the universal laws
  • Get specialised spiritual protection & healing
  • Your life purpose & direction
  • Have Insights & new perspectives through spirit