Reiki healing – gentle and holistic

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Modern treatments for pain and illness often centre around a trip to the doctor or hospital and the dispensing of medication, invasive surgeries or techniques to forcibly change the way our body feels. 

 For many, this can lead to further pain and illness, as well as a build-up of medication regimes that can lead to dependence or further complications. 

Natural, non-invasive therapies work with your body to find the centre of the pain or illness, helping your body to heal in its own way.


Why choose natural alternatives? 

Natural therapies have been around for centuries, but with the birth of modern science, they have been labelled as ‘alternative’. Because of this, they're not often not funded or endorsed by health insurance or modern medical doctors.  

Instead of opting for prescribed drugs, natural or non-invasive therapies work with your body's organic energy to promote relaxation, reduce pain or stress, and fight illness. 

Reiki healing, for example, is a form of this field, focusing on vibrations to transfer positive energy from one person to another.  

Reiki originated in Japan and literally means ‘energy’ or ‘life energy’. Throughout this method, healing transfers positive energy from your practitioner to you, through touch – in particular, transferring energy through the palms of the hands.  

It targets areas in your body that contain energy blocks, or a build of up energy from pain or illness, and in doing so, facilitates increased emotional and physical wellbeing.

As it's designed to provide a gentle approach, this method targets your whole body, or individual sites of pain – recognising where in your body energy may be blocked and needs to be shifted.


Incorporating crystal healing 

Some reiki or energy healing practitioners also adopt crystal healing techniques. Reiki crystal healing uses crystals to ramp up the energy transfer into your body, using techniques to harness the natural vibrations of the universe’s elements.  

Crystal healing uses crystals appropriate for your body and what it needs to heal and then harnesses the vibrations of natural elements such as the sun or the moon. When combined with reiki healing, the practice serves to enhance both non-invasive modes to help reduce your symptoms and gives you an alternative option to conventional medicine. 

These types of energy healing are just one example of a gentle and holistic treatment program that is designed to be non-invasive. Additionally, there's no need for prescription of medication and pain relief, opting for natural approaches to the concerns at hand instead.  

The entire purpose is to bring your body back into balance with Earth’s energy, facilitate increased wellbeing of the body and mind, and to restore your presence without the use of invasive practices that may do more harm than good. 

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