Angels & Crystals

What is an Angel? There is of course, many definitions, but the general consensus is that an angel is an intelligence without physical form; a purely spiritual being. Unlike humans & all the species of animals on earth, angels are not an evolutionary race. They were born perfect, fully capable of carrying out their functions. The only development they are traditionally accorded is the ability to learn from the experience of observing the universe unfold.

Angels govern everything. Their object is to sustain the whole of creation. Every species of animals, plants & mineral has an angelic intelligence behind it, as do planets stars & winds. Free from the restrictions of time & space, angels can move faster than the speed of light - They can be anywhere in the moment they want to be - & they can assume any form they wish. Although neither male nor female in the reproductive sense, many tend energetically to one polarity or the another. The angels were given free will at the moment of their creation, but the majority voluntarily returned this gift in adoration of their creator. Who needs free will when you can align yourself with the all loving all knowing all mighty!

It's not your imagination… Angels are among us, now more than ever, & not just in commercial venues. Increasing numbers of people are reporting encounters with these heavenly beings. In their encounters, angels deliver timely messages, healing remedies’, & lifesaving measures.

Why are angels circling our globe so much lately? Partly because of our prayers for heavenly assistance, & partly because God & the angels are helping us heal the challenges & ills that keep us from living at our highest potential.

The angels are here to teach us that God’s love answers all questions & challenges. They are here to heal us from the effects of fear. The angels are powerful healers, & you can work with them to speed up their healing efforts. The more we invite angels into our lives, the more readily our live reflect the splendours of heaven.

There are no limits to angels’ healing power. They can help us heal our relationships, career concerns, finances, housing issues, & any others challenge that is troubling us. All you have to do is ask…

Choirs of Angels

The concept of an ascending hierarchy of different orders (or choirs of angels is common to all traditions of angelology. The system consists of 9 choirs grouped in 3 triads.


The First Triad

SERAPHIM – The highest-ranking choir of angels is the Seraphim, the “Burning Ones,” whose light is so intensely bright that it would instantly incinerate mortals. These Angels of Love, light, & Fire fly around the throne of God singing the Trisagion, a hymn of praise meaning “Holy, Holy, Holy” They absorb & reflect the divine light of God onto the next choir. Their regent princes include Seraphiel & Metatron.

CHERUBIM – The chubby baby cherubs we are familiar with from Renaissance art are a far cry from the mighty Cherubim, who rank as the second choir of angels. They are second in awesome radiance only to the seraphim & reflect the knowledge & wisdom of God. In the Old Testament they guard the gates of Eden following the Fall. There were two carved Cherubim on the Ark of the Covenant, the fearsome secret weapon of the Israelites. Their chiefs include Kerubiel & Ophaniel.

THRONES – The Thrones are the ‘many-eye wheels of fire” of the Merkabah, the Holy Chariot, circling the throne of God in unison with the Cherubim. They reflect faith in the power & glory of God & are said to reside in the 4th Heaven. Their ruling princes include Tzaphkiel & Oriphiel.


The Second Triad

DOMINIONS – Also known as Dominations, Lords, or, in Hebrew lore, the Hashmallim, the angels of this choir are said to aspire to greater grace & reflect the desire to transcend earthly values. They inhabit the level where the spiritual & physical planes begin to merge & are said to regulate the duties of the angelic choirs below them. Their ruling chiefs include Zadkiel, Zachariel, & Terathel.

VIRTUES- The choir of Virtues is responsible for the motions & cycles of al the stars & planets in the Universe. They govern all-natural laws & are therefore responsible for all miracles that break these laws. Known in the Kabbalah as the Malachim or Tarshishim, they reflect the ideas of virtue, inspiring valour in heroes & grace in saints. Their regents include Barbiel, Sabrael, & Hamaliel.

POWERS- The angels of this choir are responsible for guarding the pathways leading to heaven & for guiding lost souls onto these paths. They keep the world in balance & constantly defend against demons. They are granted authority to both punish & forgive, & it maybe they’ who deliver the “wake-up calls” we sometimes need to change our ways. They reflect the desire to resist evil & do good. Camael & Verchiel are among the chiefs of the Powers.


The Third Triad

PRINCIPALITIES- The angels of the seventh choir guide earthly rulers, leaders, nations, & all communities. They work with the guardian angels to inspire responsibility in individuals & can intercede in the affairs of humanity in ways that are not usually noticed. They are also said to be responsible for guiding religions in the way of truth. Cerviel is one of the ruling princes of this choir.

ARCHANGELS- The archangels are the herald angels of God, appearing to people with messages & decrees from on high, as Gabriel did to the Virgin Mary, & to Mohammed to dictate the Koran. These are the angels most often seen by people, the guardian angels generally remaining invisible. They also intercede on our behalf, seeking forgiveness for our sins. Typical in this respect is the Virgin Mary, who became an archangel following the Assumption. The best-known princes of this choir are Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, & Uriel.

ANGELS – The lowest order of angels is the one most involved with humanity, guiding & protecting us. These are the angels that keep cars on the road & generally prevent accidents & disasters as far as possible. They cannot interfere with or destinies, but the more we ask for their help, the happier our destinies are likely to be. This choir includes the guardian angels & is ruled by Adnachiel.